Renewals are out, tickets must be renewed by Feb 28th. We go to the waiting lists on March 1st.

Big Lake                        Full ticket £600         Midweek ticket £450
Small Lake                    Full ticket £300         Midweek ticket £225
Carp to 49-12

Day ticket to go syndicate

FULL TICKET    SOLD OUT                                        MIDWEEK    SOLD OUT

After much deliberation we have decided to change the day ticket fishery into a syndicate lake. This is due to the amount of no-shows, litter and bad angling we have encountered while running the venue as a day ticket. There will be no day tickets issued after March 31st although all bookings will be honoured. 

The syndicate will consist of 20 full members and 8 midweek and will be opening on May 2nd 2018. This is a small intimate water set amongst mature woodland. With commons and mirrors to 30lb plus and plenty of quality back up fish the fish its a great place to get a bend in the rod. Car park is very close and there is a toilet on site.

The Small Lake Syndicate as it will now be known will also be the priority waiting list for the Big Lake Syndicate. This means Small Lake members will get first refusal on any tickets available on the Big Lake. If you are interested or require further details please contact us.


Use the menu above to gather all you need to know on both lakes. If you need further information use one of the various contact forms and we will get back to you.

Please note these lakes were originally run by our partner company Lily Fisheries. Due to restructuring they are now under the control of Carp Venues UK Limited. The good news is that as far as the angler is concerned everything will stay exactly the same.