Big Lake              Full ticket SOLD OUT         Midweek ticket £450
Small Lake              Full ticket £300              Midweek ticket £225

We only have a small amount of midweek tickets left on the Big Lake. There are spaces on the Small Lake and members of the venue are guaranteed first refusal on any available Big Lake tickets when renewals are sent out.

Carp to 50lb plus

small lake syndicate

The Small Lake Syndicate is also be the priority waiting list for the Big Lake Syndicate. This means Small Lake members will get first refusal on any tickets available on the Big Lake. If you are interested or require further details please contact us.


Use the menu above to gather all you need to know on both lakes. If you need further information use one of the various contact forms and we will get back to you.

Please note these lakes were originally run by our partner company Lily Fisheries. Due to restructuring they are now under the control of Carp Venues UK Limited. The good news is that as far as the angler is concerned everything will stay exactly the same.